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About  Waynn

People are the most essential element in his photographic images; a breathtaking landscape is merely existing without being noticed or seen by someone, without the presence of a human being. People that he showcases in his work are the core,  from deep within his mind, telling stories by blending a thousand words into a single picture.

In his early years, he spent three years in Japan researching and studying Japanese fine art. He later graduated from Middlesex University, London in the United Kingdom and obtained his Bachelor of Art degree in Graphic Design, and furthered his higher degree in Master of Film.

On returning to Malaysia, his continued interest  in fine art, dance and photography inspired him to launch his own thematic studio in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur. Since its inception, he has gained over 5 years of experience in the photography industry, and has also operated on a freelance basis in the production of several television commercials for brands including Campbells, Giordano and  Softlan amongst others.

Over the years, Waynn has collaborated with enigmatic male models from across Asia, and as far afield as New Zealand to the south, and Europe to the north. He focuses on capturing a combination of dance and fine art in his creative images. As a visual artist he showcases sensuality, beauty and poetry.

In recent times his works have been featured both domestically and internationally in both digital and printed publications, and his reputation as a male form photographer, producing sensual, artistic nude captures has continued to flourish.

Although a lot has been achieved, the future pathway is one of continued growth and creativity. Through his focus on male imagery, he hopes to support more LGBT people throughout the world. Predominantly male models, and particularly artistic nudes tend to feature Westerners, however Waynn aims to illustrate more the beauty of Asian men.

His long term ambition is to display his artistry in international exhibitions, and would be interested in collaborating with the movers and shakers who are dominant in the industry.

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